RTX 3080 Reporting over 100% on normalised TDP limit


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My RTX 3080 Gigabyte Vision OC is running perfectly however since all of the GPU fiasco I thought I better monitor mine not that I know a lot about TDP and power limits hence why I’m asking for help.

HWINFO64 reports this Total GPU power (normalised) (% of TDP) is 115% Total GPU power (% of TDP) is 99% Struggling to understand why one is reported at 115%. Pretty sure my card is rated up to 350 watts (I may be wrong) however I have seen it go up as high as 360 ish. Thinking this may be normal as it is a factory overclocked card however help would be massively helpful

Many thanks Matt
I believe this is normal. Since the TDP of the GPU can be adjusted, one of the values reports the percentage of power according to the default stock limit, the other one per the TDP actually set.