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HI,This my first post so not sure where should go,was referred by B/C ran&installed
your program,but after it was done it left me hanging as I did not see how to send to B/C forum I have results saved to desktop but can not copy&paste is there another way on you send to another forum as these forums do not use same procedure on how to send to other forums,thank you
HWiNFO cannot automatically upload reports to forum. You can to do this manually by creating the report, save and then attach to a particular post on forum.
The link created by the following could also be posted.

HWiNFO is definitively a must have tool.
So I made a converter for XML reports exported by HWiNFO. An interactive and responsive output will be created.
After uploading the xml you'll get a unique url.

You can enter comments (password protected), copy/paste info-rows to display nicely, open/close subjects, print, send the link to anyone, set number of columns displayed etc.

Tested with HWiNFO versions from 4.38-2200 to current.

Demo Links (click upload there if you want your own export converted):
English interface:

German interface (the two languages run on different domains):
Wow, this is great ! Thanks very much Eddie !
I think this deserves some promotion on HWiNFO site at least.
It might be also better to move this (or create a separate thread in the "3rd Party Extensions, Plug-ins, Gadgets" section).
Thank you, Martin!
I'm honored.

You might consider including the German interface link as well.
You do have a big fan community in Germany (and here in Switzerland of course).

But this is not that important.
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