Sensor readings on Logitech G19

George R.

While configuring which sensors I want to be displayed on G19 keyboard, I'm offered 5 parameters. Screen, line, column, font and color. I know what each of these means and how to configure 4 "different screens" on G15 and G510 keyboards, but when i pick 'screen 2' on my G19 keyboard, there is no way to switch to it using keyboard navigation button or any other button.
Is LCD plugin designed to have only 1 screen on G19 keyboard or is there something wrong with my hardware?
You mean the screen switching doesn't work when HWiNFO in configured for screen 2, or any other application displaying on screen 2 isn't activated when HWiNFO is active ?
Do other screens work with HWiNFO, or is the problem related to screen 2 only ?
Also, do you use the HWiNFO built-in LG LCD support, or the LCDHost plug-in ?
I use built-in LCD support, sorry for describing it as a plugin in post above.

For example:
'Virtual Memory Commited' is set to be displayed on LCD.
Screen 1; Line 1; Column 1; Font 16; Color red.
When I open HWiNFO applet on my G19 keyboard it shows just fine, along with every other reading i put on screen 1.

However, if I take for example 'Virtual Memory Load' and set it to:
Screen 2; Line 1; Column 1; Font 16; Color red,
i have no idea how to see that reading on the LCD display of my keyboard. I can see screen 1, but can't switch to any other screen.

G510 have 4 buttons under its monochrome display and each represents one of the screens. G19 have navigation button with 4 directions, 'ok' button in the middle, menu, back and 'list applications' buttons and no matter what I press, I cant switch to screen 2.

Sorry for my bad English.
Sorry, I don't know how this switching works - I never owned such a keyboard :)
Suggest you check the keyboard manual and if the supposed switching doesn't work, try to upgrade the LG LCD software.
So, you wrote this program. Can you explain to me what is the purpose of 'Screen' option?
Oh, I see now! Sorry for the confusion. You're right - the current implementation doesn't make use of the arrow keys on the G19.
I'll update the next build of HWiNFO so, that pressing the arrow keys will toggle between screens (1-4). So currently only screen 1 is available.