Setting Red/Crit Value to Word Instead of Number


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Was testing out whether I could highlight a line if it was based on an alphabetical value, so I changed a value to highlight red if value > egg. Don't ask me why I chose egg, I guess it was short.

Anyway, HWInfo64 crashed, and hard locked the system up when I tried to re-open it, requiring power-button recycle.

Didn't want to try to repeat it for obvious reasons.

Sensor was one of the throttle values. I wanted to see if it would highlight if the value was other than 'no'.

Just FYI, surely not a common situation, so pretty low-pri I would imagine. Love the application. Thank you for writing it.

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I'm pretty sure such a hard lock was not caused by setting up the "egg", it must have been some coincidence.
If you want to set an alert on a value showing Yes/No, then use 1 / 0 as the value.
I imagine that you are right, although I think it was related to some event that took HW down with it.

It went:

1) Update the setting
2) Exit back to the sensors screen
(HWInfo became unresponsive, looked to be blocking - so I End-Task'ed it)
3) Clicked HWInfo to re-open it
(system hung)

Maybe it was something else that caused HW to crash and set off the chain reaction. I'm a Unix guy myself, and am not well versed in Windows. I finally broke down and got myself a gaming machine, which is why I rejoined the Win world here and there. Machine is nice and fast, but it's as stable as Charlie Sheen on a meth bender. So yeah, could have been anything I suppose.

Thanks for the 1/0 tip, very helpful.