Showing faulty sensor readings on output to Aquasuite


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So my sensor readings are showing almost double on memory share with aquasuite. They are all reading properly inside of hwinfo64 I have the pro version so shared memory support shouldn't be a problem. Yet when I share to aquasuite or even other 3rd party software aida64 for instance all sensor readings are almost double their true values? Here is a screenshot. This is on windows11 not sure if that has anything to do with the values but a part of me is convinced that it does since on a win10 VM that I have running right next to my win11 installation: this doesn't happen. Was hoping this bug could get fixed as it's really hindering my build progress lol I need hwinfo to work.
If you switch HWiNFO to reporting in Celsius, will it show properly in Aquasuite?
If yes, then it's a problem in Aquasuite - it doesn't properly interpret the values it receives from HWiNFO and thinks they are always in Celsius.
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Hey so I did change it to celsius in both software then it started working? So Fahrenheit isn't working then? As I'm in the US and I don't like doing a conversion every time I look at a temperature. Granted I've gotten better at reading celsius b/c most hardware is read stock in celsius b/c the rest of the world uses it, stupid American politicians deciding not to teach us this stuff when it's absolutely necessary.
Either way thank you so much for your help as that did fix my issue of it reading wrong. Now is there any way I can get it to read right if I change them both to Fahrenheit?
Problem here is that if HWiNFO is using Fahrenheit, it passes also all values to Aquasuite also in Fahrenheit, but Aquasuite doesn't properly check this and thinks the values always come in Celsius.
So I think that if you switch only HWiNFO into Celsius, Aquasuite should properly read the values and translate them into Fahrenheit if it's set so.
I tried switching Aquasuite from Celsius to Fahrenheit while leaving HWINFO set to Celsius. Aquasuite has to close and restart to change temp units. Once it restarted, it correctly converted the temp data to Fahrenheit. It was weird looking at the Fahrenheit values in Aquasuite.

Having grown up in the USA, I think about the weather in Fahrenheit, but for computer temps I think in Celsius. I think a lot of American computer enthusiasts do. Fahrenheit is rarely if ever used when referring to computer temps, including in the USA. Being a German company, it may have never occurred to Aquacomputer that temperature data could be coming in in Fahrenheit. They do allow temp units to be set to Fahrenheit in the program settings but I guess they don't expect it to come in that way.

Of note is that the Fahrenheit scale was proposed in 1724 by German physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (who also invented the mercury in glass thermometer). The Celsius scale was invented by Anders Celsius in 1742 with 0°C being the boiling point of water and 100°C being the freezing point. The scale was later reversed by other scientists. And that concludes your temperature scale history lesson for the day.;)