Skylake PCH on Kabylake CPU?


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The laptop had been having intermittent freezes every couple of minutes, so I ran HWiNFO to see the drivers and hardware. The system has a 7-th generation Intel Core i3 7100U (Kabylake), but Windows recognizes the PCH as
Device Name: Intel Skylake-U/Y PCH - LPSS: I2C Controller #0 [C1]
Device Name: Intel Skylake-U/Y PCH - SATA AHCI Controller [C1]
Device Name: Intel Kaby Lake-U + iHDCP 2.2 Premium PCH - LPC/eSPI Controller [C1]
(from a scan run on HWiNFO, screenshot attached)

The current Windows version is WIndows 10 1803. I tried re-installing Intel RST drivers from the manufacturer website, which seems to have fixed the freeze issue, but I'm still not sure if the chipset drivers are correct. Any help?


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This is just a naming convention, nothing that would indicate any issue.
The chipset used is shown under the Mainboard node.

Notebook makers resort to renaming devices by changing their Hardware ID in order to exclude the possibility of using drivers other than those provided. Most often, this can be a necessary measure if they use a non-standard scheme for switching on microcircuits, which forces them to adapt the drivers to the changed port addresses of the device, and also leads to errors in its recognition by the OS. Then you have to manually decrypt the PCIId line (Hardware ID on the device’s page in HWiNFO), but if you have not seen the markings affixed by its manufacturer on the microcircuit case, this method also does not give a 100% guarantee that it is correctly recognized, because The machine manufacturer, for example, can wash, sand or otherwise remove the original marking of the microcircuit and put its technological designation on it which is not possible to decrypt without having access to its documentation. This technique is often used to preserve company trade secrets.

I decode this PCIId use Intel suite - PCIId 8086 9D03 is device name - Sunrise Point-LP SATA Controller [AHCI mode]
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