Slight Incompatibility though I am not entirely sure why.

I have to use this program in order to use a bat to update some files, but for whatever reason it breaks hwinfo everytime its installed hwinfo fails to run, but as soon as I remove said program hwinfo comes back. is the link to the program.

Maybe you can figure out why its doing it!!! id really like to keep both on my system at the same time! XD
How exactly does HWiNFO fail to run when you have that installed? Can you attach the HWiNFO Debug File of the failure?
It just does not run, it trys to, its in the task manager i see it but there is no taskbar icon and i cant load it up i click on it several times and nothing, couldnt close it in the taskmanager ether it refused to close had to brute force delete it and reinstall it after I removed the github thing, and then I tested it again, though the second time around I didnt have to brute force delete it just removing the github program allowed it to launch, I don't even know where to get the debug file, as the program would not even open id have to reinstall the git program and do it all again, and id rather not its a pain to have to brute force remove and reinstall everything if i have to do it this time, XD