SOC-Current to high - AMD Ryzen 2700x + Asus X470


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i have a problem? with the shown SOC-Current in HWInfo (beta and stable versions). See screenshot

Normally it should be around 10A.

Screenshot from www from other Ryzen users:

So do i have really more then double current or its a reading out "problem" ?

Thanks for help.
You're right, that number looks quite high. But it matches the ASP1106 readouts, so this telemetry should be correct.
I suggest to check with ASUS, they might check the BIOS and respective settings/calibration.
Thanks for your fast answer.
Ok i have done an support ticket @Asus. I will report what they say.
So meanwhile i get a answer from Asus: They can´t support for any other sw then there Asus AI Suite. Therefore i should contact the software developer from HWmonitor.

Thats all.

I have meanwhile replaced the Asus motherboard due the fact, that the voltage regulator (mosfets, coils and caps) for CPU VCC  get really hot. Up to 80°C without OC. Now i have a MSI Gaming X470 Plus and the SOC current is still high..... maybe its normal . maybe not, i don´t know ;-)
I have similar readings on my B450M mortar + R5 2600. Did you manage to fix it ?


Edit: AGESA Combo fixed it for me.


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