Start crash on "Enumerating Buses"


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I've already searched for and read already existing threads on this issue, following the fixes didn't work on my end, though.

I've been on HWinfo64 v6.12 before and it started without issues, but updating to the most recent 6.28 started the issue for me and rolling back to different older versions didn't work.
The fixes from other threads, saying disconnecting some USB-controllers/devices, didn'T work for me. I disconnected most of'em, leaving only some external harddrives, mouse (Steelseries) and keyboard (Corsair) and some internal accessoires like internal LEDs and 2 AiO coolers.

Attached is the latest Debug file, on a freshly installed 6.28.

ot: Could someone in here help me finding an issue on my pc with the logs from HWinfo?


  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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I'm afraid I don't see which exact USB device is causing this as it crashes when HWiNFO enumerates the USB hub for its devices.
But it seems it's some device attached to hub on the ASUS AURA LED Controller.
So you will need to disconnect more USB devices to determine which one is causing it.
Ok, my setup is an Asus STRIX X470-F and my GPU is an Asus STRIX GTX1080ti O11G.
I'm not sure what I should diconnect on that regard. Before mentioned acessoires are Corsair Lighting Nodes and Corsair Lightstrips.

But it worked before on v6.12 so I'm not sure.

I could try removing ASUS software and reinstalling HWinfo after that.
Yes, please try to ASUS AURA software and/or disconnect the RGB lightning just to see if that's causing the problem.
Since last time I reconnected everything, and now I uninstalled ASUS ArmouryCrate and ASUS Aura Creator. HWinfo starts without issues.

Hope this helps the next poor soul ^^
Can confirm that ASUS ArmoryCrate makes Hwinfo crash at Enumerating Buses. I had to Download the ArmoryCrate uninstall tool and after uninstall it worked no problem
Even after a year later.

To put it mildly, ASUS software isn't among those with a good reputation and most users avoid it ;)
I have never understood how Asus can design something as complex as a modern motherboard, but can't seem to produce a decent piece of software to control blinky lights. Actually, I would say that goes for Gigabyte and MSI as well. All of their RGB control software is horrible and has been since the whole RGB craze started. I refuse to install Aura, Armoury Crate, or Aura Creator (or iCue). IMHO the amount of problems these programs can cause is not worth what they (claim to) do.
Software is a totally different department from hardware ;) Sometime this work is also outsourced, depends on vendor.
Software is a totally different department from hardware ;) Sometime this work is also outsourced, depends on vendor.
Agreed they are totally different animals, but for the big 3 mobo vendors, they are developing software for their own products, which IMO makes it less excusable. Also, I just don't think that controlling a bunch of LEDs is that complicated from a code writing perspective (except maybe RGB RAM). Arduino enthusiasts write their own control scripts all the time. And now there are a bunch of brand agnostic alternatives like Open RGB, RGB.Net, Aurora, and Signal RGB. All of these cropped up due to the mess that is computer RGB lighting control. Considering how many years Asus has been pushing Aura in their products and marketing, there is really no excuse for the condition of their software. End Rant.