Status of the X470 Asus sensors bug


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Does anyone know if the issue mentionned in this thread  concerning some of the ASUS sensors on their X470 boards has been addressed with a bios update since then ?

I have recently bought an ASUS Prime X470-Pro and encounter problems with some erratic sensors readings and fans behaviour that look a lot like what is described, but I thought I'd ask anyway, in case it might be another problem.
AFAIK, this has been resolved for some boards (i.e. CROSSHAIR VI), but for some others (STRIX) the latest BIOS update failed to resolve the problem and causes even more issues (immediate hang), thus requires another fix by ASUS.
I'm not sure about the status of the PRIME series - do you use the latest BIOS and HWiNFO build? Can you post a screenshot of the sensors window showing the ASUS sensor or the HWiNFO Debug File?
Thanks for your quick anser.

I should have been more clear: when I first ran HWiNFO I had a warning and the ability to disable potentially problematic devices monitoring, which I did. The current situation is that HWiNFO seems to be the only monitoring software not triggering the issues, and I noticed that others show sensors that are not shown in HWiNFO (like PCH temp for example, or VRM temp).

I was just posting my question here, as it's the place where the problem is the most clearly stated, with first hand informations from you as you seem to have been involved in helping ASUS fix the issue. I apologize if it would have been better to post it somewhere else, but I couldn't think of a better place. I guess it could also be usefull informations for other X470 ASUS boards owners, to know if they still need to disable monitoring the ASUS EC device.

In case you can tell me if my motherboard model still have the issue, I renabled ASUS EC controller, here's the DBG file for starting and a few minutes of monitoring. Let me know if you need a longer log, or to wait for issues to appear (which is very erratic and can sometime take a few hours)


  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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PCH temperature and some other values are available via the ASUS EC sensor, which you have initially disabled, and enabled later.
AFAIK, this board doesn't support reading of VRM temperature (and your BIOS should not be showing it), so other tools showing this value might be invalid.
Sorry, but I cannot give you a guarantee if enabling the ASUS EC sensor will cause any issues or not. There were lots of users which didn't see any issue, while some others did and we don't know for sure which conditions were triggering this. Also note, that the ASUS EC sensor wasn't the only one causing issues, it was also the ASUS mainboard sensor (ITE).
So as long as you run well with ASUS EC disabled, I'd suggest to try to enable ASUS EC too (if you need its values) and see how it will behave.
Yes I had noticed that PCH was on the list of disabled sensors. I have now reenabled the ASUS EC sensor and I'm letting HWiNFO run in the background with the polling period to 1000 to speed up things a bit in case it's reading the sensor that causes the issue.

Thanks a lot for your informations and advices.