Strange Unicode denominator for temperatures


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I use HWiNFO for monitoring my PC stats on my Elgato Stream Deck. After updating to v7.20, there's a strange character that appears for any temperature related probe.
Related screenshot below.

I have report and debug files available but would prefer not to post them until someone asks for privacy reasons.

Which language do you use in Windows/HWiNFO?
Do you maybe have the UTF-8 support enabled in Windows advanced language options?
In HWiNFO I have the language set to English. Below are my Windows language settings. I tried enabling UTF-8 support which is in beta in Windows 11, though it made no difference.

That's a workaround that will essentially override the unit from HWiNFO.
I think the Stream Deck plugin will need an update to properly handle localized content, I will explain it in that Github issue thread.
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