[SUGGESTION] Adding IDE/SATA Power State and SMART data to sensors?


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Greetings Martin,

Been a while since I've came around here as everything has been running quite swimmingly. However there is something I would love to see available in the sensors data.

... Drive power state. Same data accessible via HDParm -C for IDE/SATA. I have tested it under Windows using the Windows build of it with success but would like to keep tabs on it without having to run hdparm constantly just to check the state. I don't believe this would need the SMART monitoring enabled to function if I'm correct so can monitor without the SMART-Scan overhead.
(via: http://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man8/hdparm.8.html )

[size=xx-small]"       -C     Check the current IDE power mode status, which will always be[/size]
             one of unknown (drive does not support this command),
             active/idle (normal operation), standby (low power mode, drive
             has spun down), or sleeping (lowest power mode, drive is
             completely shut down).  The -S, -y, -Y, and -Z options can be
             used to manipulate the IDE power modes."

Further, not of any real need but would be nice to access the full SMART data via the sensors on a per drive basis as well for external monitoring through other applications such as Rainmeter.
Current OS: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise 32bit
You're right, this doesn't require SMART, but different commands. However I'm not sure how this will work on Windows, especially for other drive controllers/drivers.