Temperatures after Bios Update not shown anymore (ASUS Prime X470 pro)


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After update to Bios 5216 the temperature for Tsensor 1 and shipset show 0 degrees. The newest Beta 6.11show the same result. HW info doesn't read the Tsensor 1 and chipset temperatures.
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I also have similar issues with the Asus Prime X470 Pro Bios update to 5220 (AGESA ABBA).
Chipset Temperature, Tsensor 1 Temperature and CPU OPT fan RPM are all incorrect;

HWiNF064 v6.12-3930 Asus X470 Bios 5220 Bugs.jpg

New BIOS out today:

Update AM4 combo PI patch B

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to fix the incorrect temp and CPU OPT fan readings.

Maybe next time...
Running latest BIOS (5406).
It seems that the only program showing the PCH temp currently is "Open Hardware Monitor". Also "Open Hardware Monitor" and "CPUID HWMonitor" show a third sensor (shown as 51C here) which HWiNFO does not show. Please see the attached image (I have marked the sensors with color):

The missing value for Chipset temperature is due to a bug in the BIOS, which was most probably introduced in the new update.
Yes, OHM shows this value because it accesses the SIO chip (IT8665E) directly and this is a problem on 3xx/4xx series ASUS boards. There has been a lot of discussion about it on this forum. Result is - accessing the SIO directly can cause corruption of the SIO registers, which can result in a system crash, malfunction of fan control, inability to shut down the system, etc.
Hence ASUS made a WMI interface available to solve this problem and you can see that HWiNFO is using this.
So I don't recommend to use software that's not using the WMI interface on these series and rather contact ASUS to fix the missing sensor value in next BIOS version.
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Martin, is it possible to force direct read from the SIO chip for test purposes? I am using OHM for at least 4 weeks and I didn't have a single problem (my PC is folding@home 24/7). However if you use Asus AISuite simultaneously with HW monitor programs, problems arise...
Yes, put the following line at the end of the HWiNFO64.INI file:
In case you don't have an INI file in the HWiNFO folder, try to change some setting in HWiNFO (i.e. enable Sensor-only mode) and click OK.
A quick update: seven days later, my PC is folding 24/7 (CPU & GPU), HWinfo runs with EC enabled, NO problems whatsoever!