Tray icon font / font weight?


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Is there any way to control the font or font weight of the tray icon text?
On Win10, it is a heavier font weight (eg: bold) than the text of the clock in the tray.
I read elsewhere that you scale automatically, but I think it looks a bit old-fashioned with a jaggy, bold raster font look that it has now.


Thanks for a great tool!


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No, it's not currently possible to adjust the font weight.
Indeed, scaling is done automatically and this is intentional to improve the visibility. Font weight used is bold.
But I agree, that it sometimes doesn't look very nice, so let me see what I can do...
Yes, it is better... the font is lighter. I still think it looks a bit jaggy compared to the font used by Win10 taskbar clock, but it is an improvement. Thanks!
I have tried to get as close as possible to a clean font as the clock, but haven't achieved that yet. But should be much better now than before.