UD4H and 4470K clock speed never changes


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Running Win8 on a Gigabyte Z87 UD4H and the CPU (4770K) clock is always reported to be 4500 or some number within 1 of this. I have EIST enabled and Intel Extreme tuning utility reports that my CPU clock IS changing.

My dbg file is 2K and the site is refusing it saying it should be 1K......

That might be because CPU's Turbo policy is set to aggressive mode, which means that even the slightest load on a particular core can engage Turbo mode. When HWiNFO measures per-core clock/ratio it needs to check status of the core and if Turbo Mode engagement policy is so sensitive, it causes that this check performed by HWiNFO triggers Turbo Boost.

If the DBG file is too large to be posted here, please compress it using any tool (ZIP, RAR, 7z, etc).
I found a setting in the bios related to what you described and turned it down. But I dont think your theory is right because it will sit at 3.3 or 3.4 ghz for minutes and your program still reports 4500. go look at the dbg file and now its 1.4K....and it wont let me rar it says access denied. And yes the program was closed.