UEFI Boot Not Present



i have installed Windows 8.1 in UEFI mode. Secure Boot is active, which indicates that UEFI Boot is working. ESP-Partition is OK. However HWINFO tells me that UEFI Boot is "not present". Is this a bug or what did i do wrong? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
It might be a bug in HWiNFO.
Please attach the following file for analysis: C:\Windows\Panther\setupact.log
I need the entire file, but you have attached only a screenshot.
If it's too large to attach, then please pack it (ZIP, RAR, 7z, etc).
Thing is, I have CCleaner installed, and obviously it has deleted the setupact.log file in the \Panther directory. However I have one setupact.log file in the Panther\FastCleanup directory, don't know if this is helpful?


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Ah, that explains it !
I don't understand why CCleaner needs to delete that file. Besides other information, it can be used to determine whether the system has booted in UEFI mode, which is also evaluated by HWiNFO.
So I'll have to search for other methods... Though it would be wise to instruct CCleaner not to delete that file.
Thanks Martin for the quick reply. So CCleaner is the "bad guy", actually it cleans Windows Log files (including setupact.log) by default and I didn't disable this checkbox. Anyway UEFI Boot seems to be fine, that's the good thing.
You're welcome. I wouldn't say that it's a really "bad guy", there are just few log files that I think should be kept.
I'll also search for other methods for detecting UEFI boot, though the current one was the easiest ;)