UEFI Reporting Suggestion


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Love the software - thanks.

The UEFI labels on the System Summary (maybe elsewhere), can be a little misleading to less experienced hardware enthusiasts.
It basically implies the system was booted in UEFI mode, when it easily could have been booted in legacy mode using an MBR partition.

Perhaps the boot partition could be tested, and then UI could display UEFI BIOS - Legacy MBR Boot or something to that effect.

Again. thank you for this wonderful software.
Sorry, but do you mean that the "UEFI" option specifying the boot mode is green when the system has booted in legacy mode ?
Or you find it misleading that "UEFI" is shown as gray which some might think it means that it was booted in UEFI mode ?
Hi Martin.

I get it now. I wasn't conscious of the green/gray convention, even though it is clear with the CPU features etc.

A humble opinion from someone who is learning about hardware. It may be more clear if you were to put UEFI / Legacy next to the BIOS version, and UEFI Boot / MBR Boot next to the operating system. Light whichever one is active up with green.