v7.00-4400 waking NVIDIA dGPU everytime it goes into Power Save


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Using an Asus Zephyrus G15, 2021 edition, which has AMD iGPU and Nvidia dGPU, in Optimus configuration. Starting with version 7.00-4400, the dGPU is constantly woken up 1 second after entering Power Save mode.

I have Wake disabled GPUs checked, Wake disabled GPUs (extended) unchecked, Poll Sleeping GPUs unchecked.

On bootup, HWInfo will wake the dGPU (so that it can be monitored later), and then a short time later, it'll enter Power Save mode, where the NVIDIA dGPU will report full 0's in the Current value column, indicative of it entering Power Save mode. However, beginning with 7.00-4400 (did not happen in previous versions), it quickly leaves Power Save mode and polls fresh values, about 1 second after entering Power Save mode. This repeats over and over. About 5 seconds of values, 1 second of 0's (Power Save), back to 5 seconds of values. So it's pulling the dGPU out of Power Save mode about a second after it enters that mode.

Asus Armoury Crate corroborates this behavior, showing that the dGPU is entering power save mode, and leaving it, over and over.

Things I've tried:
- If I close HWInfo, Armoury Crate shows that the dGPU remains in Power Save mode as long as I don't open an application that would use it. This seems to confirm that HWInfo is the cause of it constantly leaving power save mode.
- If I uncheck Wake disabled GPUs, and then open HWInfo while the dGPU is in power save mode, the dGPU will not be amongst the sensors (as expected), and does not wake up. Armoury Crate confirms that it remains in power save mode.
- If the dGPU is amongst the sensors (either because it was powered on HWInfo start, or because HWInfo woke it based on that setting, whichever), then HWInfo will continue to wake it everytime it sleeps, even if I disable ALL dGPU sensors (using Armoury Crate to watch voltage/temp/mode once those are all disabled). The only wake to get it to stop waking is to close HWInfo.
- I've tried checking and unchecking settings (like poll sleeping gpus) just in case it was a flipped setting. No change -- except that if Poll Sleeping GPUs is checked, the dGPU never enters power save mode, which is probably expected.

Did not occur in prior 6.XX versions.

Thanks for any help.
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