Very slow update time for sensors tab


After updating windows to 2004 sensor poll rate is too slow, while 100ms is specified in config. Approximate poll rate is around 400-500ms (eyeballed it).
Current version - v6.28-400, also tried latest beta and few old ones in portable mode - same result.

Also profiling time is literally 0 on most of the sensors and one is at 1ms.
Regarding my usage of HWiNFO64 - mostly autostart in sensor-only mode with reporting to RTSS and tray with zero to no changes besides changing what metrics get sent.

Managed to fix it by enabling Debug Mode in main settings, everything else there is default for like a year or so. Disabled debug writing to disk to not stress my SSD. No idea why it helped, but I can reproduce it.
This is ofc not a long-term solution, could you please help me debug it?
Considering that issue is not present in debug mode.

Considering how bonkers this sounds, here's a quick video:

Crosshair 8 Hero, latest bios
Windows 10 2004, updated as of today.
Noticed that a debug file is still getting written.
Executed a jank solution of creating a folder "C:\Program Files\HWiNFO64\HWiNFO64.DBG\" which won't allow a file with the same name to be created and it appears it has worked, no disc activity.
Still a workaround, I'm hoping @Martin would help with a solution.
Try to disable sensors one by one (Del key over the heading) and see if disabling one/some of them is causing this delay.
Then it might be some issue in the 2004 update. There are several issues reported with this update.