VTT voltage reading incorrect?


Hi There,

During my RAM overclocking, I adjusted the VTT DRAM voltage to .72 in the BIOS of my Asus ROG z590 Extreme XIII. However, I noticed in HWinfo it stays at 1.056v (assuming this is the correct sensor reading). See picture.
Thank you for your time!
VTT here represents a generic sensor input that's meant to be measuring the CPU VTT voltage, but we're not sure if this is really performing the expected function on some boards.
I will check with ASUS and if it's not used here, I will remove it from reporting to avoid confusion.
According to ASUS, this is not VTT, but VCCST (PLL Termination Voltage) voltage on MAXIMUS XIII series. I will change the name as such in the next build.