Which CPU Clock and CPU Temp Sensors To Use?


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Hey guys,

It's been awhile since I messed with HWiNFO but I just did a fresh install and have to set all of my sensors again and I need some help. I'm looking for the sensors for these few things but there is a bunch of sensors so I'm not sure what is what. Can you guys help me find the

Needed Sensors
  • CPU Clock
  • CPU Temp
These are all the related sensors that I have

CPU Clock Speeds
  • Individual Core Clock
  • Individual Core Effective Clock
  • Average Effective Clock
  • Bus Clock
CPU Temps
  • CPU (Tctl/Tdie)
  • CPU Die (average)
  • CPU CCD1 (Tdie)
  • CPU CCD2 (Tdie)
  • Individual Core Temps
  • CPU IOD Hotspot
  • CPU IOD Average
  • CPU Temp (Coming from the motherboard sensors)
  • CPU Socket Temperature (Coming from the motherboard sensors)
  • Chipset Temperature (Coming from the motherboard sensors)
If you guys could help me find these sensors and what they are called, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you,
Clocks and temps can be of many values, since most modern CPUs have multiple cores, as well as each has its own temp sensor.
For temp always monitor CPU Package temp (or max core).
For clocks check this:
For clock speed, I would like to have the cpu speed that the task manager is reporting. Does anyone know which sensors this would be?