Z390 Dark CPU temp sensor


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Specifically the Maxim MX1617 (green) always appears to shows minimum of 47°.

Two other sensors, DTS (red), and Enhanced (blue) seem to be more in agreement and go up and down based on ambient temp. Also, max temp on Maxim sensor is lower than the other two.

Is it possible the Maxim sensor is not CPU?

Did a quick LinX run to show temps.

Yes, it's very likely that the Maxim sensor is not CPU temperature.
Can you please attach the HWiNFO Debug File so I can analyze this in more detail?
Thanks. Those values will be renamed in the next build to avoid confusion.
OK, got the new version, 6.30.

The two sensors in question no longer say Motherboard and CPU.

However, I was hoping they would be identified as to exactly what component temperatures were being monitored.
It's not known what component those sensors measure, it might well be an invalid value or a duplicate of another sensor.
evga seems to believe there is no sensor.

Is it possible for HWiNFO to detect a non-existent sensor?
Yes, that's quite common. Sensor chips usually have more inputs than those utilized on a mainboard and there's no universal way to determine if an input is not connected or floating.
Such floating inputs often provide random values, which can appear as fixed or erratic (out of range).
I am not sure I fully understand.

Is the Maxim MX1617 sensor present on the motherboard, and it is giving erroneous readings?

Or, is some other sensor causing HWiNFO to see a 'ghost' sensor?

Or, is there another explanation?

I am really trying to comprehend this.

The Maxim senor chip is present on the mainboard and it has several inputs for sensing temperatures, voltages, etc. But some of those are most likely not connected, hence don't provide correct values.

After several weeks of delays, evga finally replied to my inquiry about the MX1617 sensor.


"Z390 Dark and MX1617 sensor

Sorry for the long delay on this inquiry. Our engineers finally got back to us and have confirmed that the z390 Dark does not use any Maxim parts, and thusly does not have any MX1617 sensors. They said the software is likely reading a sensor incorrectly. If you have any other questions or need anything else, please let us know!



Frankly, I am not confident evga even knows for sure.

However, if they are correct, what could that sensor be?

I appreciate your help and patience.

I'm not sure about that sensor either. It might be some virtual sensor exposed by the mainboard Embedded Controller and seems to provide valid values.