Zero GPU Readings (Temp, etc)


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I just installed hwinfo and clicked to open sensors then a warning message popped up (which i should have read properly) but it stated that it is advised against reading a certain sensor due to a certain technology involvement (which i now think relates to the dedicated GeForce RTX 3070 on my MSI laptop).
I clicked to 'not read' this sensor due to the precaution.

Well in sensor settings, the GPU has all readings of 0.0

I'm asking to confirm if that is the sensor which I clicked hwinfo not to read? (All other sensors are working normally).

That warning most likely related to the EC sensor which is something else.
I assume your NVIDIA GPU is a secondary GPU which is switched off when not utilized to preserve power, so it's absolutely normal that it doesn't provide data. Try to run some GPU-intensive application, game or just open the NVIDIA Control Panel and it should wake up.