1. N

    Strange Memory Statistics On One Module Of Four

    So I've been getting BSOD errors with stop code CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED. After many tests including SFC, CHKDSK, DISM, and a myriad of other troubleshooting attempts, I have narrowed my issue down to my RAM. Before I start testing each individual 16GB stick I wanted to know if anyone has...
  2. T

    HWinfo makes update corsair watercooling glitch during update

    Hello When I wanted to update the firmware of my corsair Icue H115i RGB pro xt AIO watercooling I have a bug and the update could not continue. even with the files to force the update. The watercooling was no longer detected. So panic on board, but fortunately the H115i, even without firmware...
  3. R

    7.0 and Corsair AX1600i

    Looking through old posts, I understand that the protocols for Corsair power supplies haven't been great (from HWiNFO). Yesterday, I upgraded to HWiNFO 7.0. I also upgraded from a Corsair HX1200i to an AX1600i. I'm finding that HWiNFO seems to sporadically detect the power supply -- sometimes...
  4. T

    Corsair H150i Fans and Pump Fans not present in 7.0.0

    Apparently it showed in HWiNFO with the sensor ID as 0xfc00ae00 (using HWiNFO shared memory viewer) but after updating to this version it not showing anything related to pump fan at all? Seems like the Corsair device somehow disappeared from list of sensors.
  5. carmonben

    Corsair psu monitoring issues

    3 separate issues first issue is hwinfo will crash on startup with this error "0xc0000417", the second issue is that hwinfo will randomly crash after a while, however it will only happens when it detects the corsair psu. third issue is it sometimes wont detect the corsair psu (and it doesnt...