Corsair H150i Fans and Pump Fans not present in 7.0.0


Apparently it showed in HWiNFO with the sensor ID as 0xfc00ae00 (using HWiNFO shared memory viewer) but after updating to this version it not showing anything related to pump fan at all? Seems like the Corsair device somehow disappeared from list of sensors.
Already enabled I think, currently using with Rainmeter right now. Previous version did show the corsair pump in the sensor list. HWiNFO64_B40wkVK3MT.pngHWiNFO64_KvwcF85ZdH.pngHWiNFOSharedMemoryViewer_AZeJ5NsLlD.png
Its weird that corsair still shows these values, unless they changed the protocol or something else (the missing fan in the screenshot is intentional as I'm waiting to replace that fan right now)
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As expected. Unless I could try to disable the option then restart the machine then enable the option then restart the machine again to see if it could fix that. But usually updating HWiNFO did not requires restarting and the corsair pump sensor still shows up.
I'll need to see the HWiNFO Debug File with sensor data to check this in more detail.
Uploaded the required debug files.
Upon looking at the log, apparently corsair shows up in there hmm.

Update: after restarting the machine apparently the corsair pump appeared again?HWiNFO64_2ZOrVNVhfD.png


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HWiNFO cannot access the cooler device (Access Denied). Most likely some other tool is blocking access to it.
If you're running such (even the Corsair software), try to start HWiNFO first.
Hm sounds like I have to prioritize HWiNFO to start first before anything else. Yeah that's explain on why restarting the pc fixed the issue.