power reporting deviation (accuracy)

  1. K

    Can someone explain like I am 5

    This damn Power Reporting Deviation (Accuracy), it seems everyone is confused as I see many threads on it. I've read the important thread explaining it and I am still left confused if I have a problem or not lol. I don't think I do but it is alarming when you see red. So when I play games this...
  2. M

    "Power Reporting Deviation" 200%

    I need help with Power Reporting Deviation Ryzen 5600x 16gb ram b550m aorus elite psu 650w gigabyte rtx 2060 super
  3. W

    Weird Power Reporting Deviation

    Hi, I'm quite new to overclocking and things, and when I opened HWinfo, I noticed that my Power Reporting Deviation was about 80%, which seems weirdly low. What does that mean ? Today I performed the auto CPU overclock on AMD Adrenalin (I'm on a 5600X CPU) and, while I was doing a Cinebench...
  4. K

    High CPU temps, should I worry/take action?

    hello hello! When rendering heavy files from After effects, some CPU values report in the red. I was wondering, if I should take any action, if these numbers are about to damage or so? The reds in the first 4 values happened during the render multiple times, for short moments. The 71% min...
  5. Dave1001

    Vcore/Power Deviation Numbers Suddenly Declining on Idle? Bug or Something on My End?

    following my previous PSU post, I decided to head into Bios and change my fan curves to lower the RPMs and then changed them back after some poor results, and I noticed that all of a sudden, unless I was playing a game, watching youtube, or in a discord call, my Vcore and Power Deviation...
  6. W

    Power reporting deviation <40%

    So i'm running a 3700x cpu with only the auto overclocking enabled in ryzen master for as far as I know. I just saw this in hw info and read the description and well my numbers average a 7.6% power reporting deviation and the description says it should be 100%. I'm getting random blackscreens on...
  7. D

    My motherboards power reporting deviation problem

    when its on load it goes from 80% to 140% under load so i guess thats bad and my cpu heat sensor died on the bios it shows -55 Celcius how do i fix it? I have a hyper 412 full fan speed and a ryzen 5 3600 i don't thik it should surpass 70 Celcius
  8. Q

    How Bad Is 80% Power Reporting Deviation?

    My Ryzen 3600 is reporting minimum of up to 80% deviation with an average 85% deviation at 100% load while using Handbrake transcoder. Nothing is overclocked manually and the processor is running @3.95Ghz during this task. How bad is it?
  9. R

    Worrying Power Reporting Deviation

    At idle, my power reporting deviation fluctuates between around 70% to 105%. I ran Prime95 small FFTs (a consistent, 100% load) and the deviation fluctuated between 125% and 130%. After a few minutes, I stopped the test and the deviation spiked to 154% before returning back to typical idle...
  10. W

    Computer experiencing Power Reporting Deviation (accuracy) high?

    I am experiencing some seemingly random reboots (no BSOD, no errors of any kind, just a reboot). I initially thought it was related to PSU (Thanks to some help from reddit[1] I made a change to three dedicated power cables to my GPU whereas before I had one daisy chain). I have experienced the...
  11. D

    CPU power reporting accuracy values >110% or <90%?

    I was browsing through the sensor data, looking for CPU frequency and temp, when I saw the row for CPU power reporting deviation. I understood their explanation, with the BIOS configuration changing what the CPU thinks it is consuming, but I saw the warning about the values being more than an...
  12. U

    Power reporting deviation issue

    I've issue with hwinfo64 software about "power reporting deviation" which is reporting with very low number on gigabyte B550 vision D-P. I used to had the same setup with different motherboard (ASUS and MSI), for both motherboard, the power reporting deviation never report the number below 100%...
  13. Panos Nti

    Thermal throttling (ext) (prochoct ext) and Power repoting deviation (accuracy)

    HWinfo v6.42-360 yesterday saw me some issues!! Thermal throttling (HTC) Thermal throtrling (PROCHOCT EXT) AND TODAY Power reporting deviation (Accuracy) My specs msi meg x570 ace lastest bios update not (Beta version) amd ryzen 5600x pbo enable only boosts 4.650 with 1.344volt gskill...