power reporting deviation (accuracy)

  1. D

    CPU power reporting accuracy values >110% or <90%?

    I was browsing through the sensor data, looking for CPU frequency and temp, when I saw the row for CPU power reporting deviation. I understood their explanation, with the BIOS configuration changing what the CPU thinks it is consuming, but I saw the warning about the values being more than an...
  2. U

    Power reporting deviation issue

    I've issue with hwinfo64 software about "power reporting deviation" which is reporting with very low number on gigabyte B550 vision D-P. I used to had the same setup with different motherboard (ASUS and MSI), for both motherboard, the power reporting deviation never report the number below 100%...
  3. Panos Nti

    Thermal throttling (ext) (prochoct ext) and Power repoting deviation (accuracy)

    HWinfo v6.42-360 yesterday saw me some issues!! Thermal throttling (HTC) Thermal throtrling (PROCHOCT EXT) AND TODAY Power reporting deviation (Accuracy) My specs msi meg x570 ace lastest bios update not (Beta version) amd ryzen 5600x pbo enable only boosts 4.650 with 1.344volt gskill...