Vcore/Power Deviation Numbers Suddenly Declining on Idle? Bug or Something on My End?


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following my previous PSU post, I decided to head into Bios and change my fan curves to lower the RPMs and then changed them back after some poor results, and I noticed that all of a sudden, unless I was playing a game, watching youtube, or in a discord call, my Vcore and Power Deviation readings would look something like this:

what I mean, is that they would decline together, and start bouncing around. I'm aware that Power Reporting Deviation is somewhat 'useless' unless under load, and when I am under load it goes to normal and the Vcore also stabilizes at what it normally is. there are days where the PRD reading goes into the red but it never has an effect (or vice versa) on the Vcore until today

normally, the Vcore idles at 0.9 and the lowest I see it goes is 0.94, but today I've seen it go all the way down to 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, etc. if I'm not doing any of the activities mentioned above. conveniently during this time, the PRD reading will also be in the red; if I put the cpu under some load, the PRD goes back to ~120 and the Vcore goes back to its normal 0.9

I am aware of a feature where the Vcore will drop to save power if you are idle but this has never happened or been reported through HWinfo until today after exiting Bios. I did nothing to my Bios settings other than tweak the fan curves and change them back not long after. is this some sort of bug or something on my of now, my system hasn't had any instability