Aquasuite sourcePath


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been trying to setup Aquasuite for my new Aquaero 6 PRO and Aquasuite only offers me temperature sensors to create software sensors which are the only sensors (apart from aquaero own hardware sensors) that can be used to setup fan profile controller curves

since my system temps are heavily dependent on ambient temperature in my room (which changes a lot more day vs night or summer vs winter since I don't have AC) I'd like to use some performance indicator like gpu clock to control my fans

aquasuite shows my gpu temps/clock/load just fine in the normal graphs but won't let me add non-temperature indicators to set up as software sensor

I've found the config file for the software sensors so I guess I could just edit that to workaround the temperature-only limitation of aquasuite when creating the software sensor within the aquasuite app


the setting for one of the entries:
          <sensorName>GPU Temperature</sensorName>

the problem I am having is finding out where that sourcePath is taken from as I couldn't find it in the HWiNFOSharedMemoryViewer.exe


I also tried searching the registry for the value, looking at other hwinfo config files and looking at processmonitor to see which files/registry entries it is accessing but no luck so far ;o[

if I can get the sourcePath values for the shared data then I can hopefully add any sensor shared by hwinfo to aquasuite and control my fans from it

any help is appreciated
I'm sorry, but I don't know how Aquasuite works internally. HWiNFO just provides them sensor values, but I'm not familiar with the way how they process it.
You should ask Aquacomputer this question, they have a well supported forum.
thx for reply, so the sourcePath is generated by aquasuite and not something generated by hwinfo itself?

I did post on the aquasuite forum as well...didn't know if it is more related to hwinfo or aquasuite so I tried both ;o]
Yes, that path is generated by Aquasuite based on data it gets from HWiNFO.
It looks like 16777216 in the path is the ID (0x1000000) seen in HWiNFOSharedMemoryViewer, but I don't think that sourcePath is a path to some object in system (file or registry).