CPU Package ?


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here is my rig :
ASUS X99-Deluxe II
i7-5930K @ Core=4.5GHz / Cache = 4.5GHz @ Vccin=1.8V / Vcore=1.17V / Vcache = 1.2V
RAM G.SKILL @ 3200MHz @ 1.35V

Here is a screenshot at idle :

What is CPU Package ?
Why is it so high versus Core temps ?

Is this an issue ?

EIST and C-States are enabled

Thank you
I have seen a difference between Core Max and CPU Package on some systems, which was always fixed - 5 or 10 C, but not so big yet.
That seemed like the CPU was using some additional offset, but I'm not sure which of those values is really correct.
Can you please check if that difference is constant and if you haven't accidentaly adjusted Tj,max in HWiNFO ?
"CPU Package" is a 256 ms average of the hottest sensor in the CPU - so the max among all IA Cores, iGPU, Uncore, etc.
Tcase_max is a different value - that's the highest temperature measured on top of the IHS.
Is there a max value for this CPU PAckage ?
When do we have to worry about ?

Here is a screenshot after 2 minutes of OCCT :

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility has also a parameter called "CPU package", whiich is roughly 5°C below your value.
Theoretically the same Tj,max should apply as the maximum temperature.
However this CPU Package value doesn't seem to be officially supported by Intel and in case it's the FIVR what's causing such high values, a different maximum temperature might apply.

CPU Packege this value chip body temperature measured at a certain point of its surface at a given power dissipation, thermal resistance of the material between the chip and the chip body and ambient temperature. Many manufacturers often do not indicate this reference value and the measured point and the temperature of the crystal as it was she who Vliet on the performance scheme as a whole set of electrical, thermal, and frequency modes.