CPU temp from MOBO way higher than CPU package


Hi, I just upgraded my PC, cpu: fx8350, mobo: asrock 970M pro3, ram 2x8gb ddr3 1866, i'm using corsair H55 cooling system.

I have strange cpu temp reading from many different apps, including CPU-Z, HWiNFO, ASRock turning tool etc.

What made me worry is there is a big gap between CPU temp readings. I attached screenshot from HWiNFO64 here. 

As u can see under MOBO, cpu temp is over 70, but under CPU, it's 50. 

Should I worry?


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What CPU temperature does the ASRock tool report, is it the same as the value shown by HWiNFO ?
The ASRock tool report as MOBO temp, around 70
But CPU-Z report same as HWiNFO CPU around 50

I can see other user also showing amd cpu with 2 different temps, but not with 20 degree gap as mine.
Does the ASRock tool also report CPU temp? 70 C for mobo is very high I believe.
MOBO temp is 44, the problem is CPU temp reported from MOBO is 70+

I attached ASRock app screen short here


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OK, so ASRock confirms values reported by HWiNFO.
Is the 70 C reported when system is idle, or under load ? If idle, what is reported when you put load on the CPU ?
i tried OCCT, CPU test, running with 100% cpu usage on all cores, the temp didn't change much.
In HWiNGO, cpu package is still around 50 - 52, under MOBO section, the CPU temp is 70-72
There should be a much bigger difference between idle and load. Well, then it looks like neither of those temperatures reflects the true CPU temperature.
It also looks like the temp under MOBO section (and ASRock's CPU temp) are reflecting the CPU internal temperature with a 20 C offset.
I'm not surprised, because several AMD CPUs have problems reporting correct temperatures, more here: https://www.hwinfo.com/forum/threads/cpu-core-temperature-measuring-facts-fictions.148/