CPU vcore osd


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I'm running a 4690k @3.9 on an Asrock z97 anniversary
I would like to start real OC on this cpu. It seems vid and vcore are equal ? (cpuz and hwinfo64)
CPUID btw showing 0.904V which is my current dram voltage on idle.

My questions is, how can i get vcore values in-game ? And which one should i trust ?
(Pardon for my english.)

For those CPU series (with FIVR) it's difficult to monitor Vcore, because in several cases it's not reported properly.
So some mainboard makers and tool developers report VID instead of Vcore.
But HWiNFO should also report Vcore for your mainboard, you need to scroll further down in that window.
Thanks you for those infos!

On HWiNFO, Vcore is not showing on the list.
Im Running the 5.61-3297 version. (win10 64bits)