Crash on Analyzing ACPI (Intel C600 chipset)


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I got 2 C600 MB Intel S2600CO4 and Supermicro X9DRi-F with Xeon SB-EP processors.

MB and CPU's working fine, but, when I start HWinfo it crash on Analyzing ACPI
OS - Windows 7 (64), Windows 2008 R2 - same problem.

In X79 MB (same C600 chipset) - everything working fine.

Is it a bug or some kind of Intel C600 chipset problem?


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Please try to disable the "Evaluate ACPI Methods" option in HWiNFO before launching the scan.
Let me know if that helped...


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I thinck it was disabled during last run.

But any way i ran it again, and same thing.
It crashed on Analyzing ACPI

P.S. I was wrong last time - it crashed not on Analyzing PCI device, it was Analyzing ACPI.