D3D usage dx12 bug ?


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forza horizon 3 is ok

Don't count on that usage, it's not very reliable and sort of unofficial. For NVIDIA use the "GPU Core Load" value instead.
well, i've always used it without problems compared to the gpu core load it reports basically the same most often, the difference gpu core load up to 98% and d3d usage 100%
Any way to reset all hwinfo64 settings? I see there are some settings stored in the registry

There's a "Reset Preferences" button that will erase all user settings including those in registry.
Some other settings (portable ones) are stored in the local INI file. This can be simply replaced from original package or rewritten during install.
I really do not know why but reset preferences have no effect for me, I received the message that was cleared but nothing is reset. I ended up doing it manually

thank you for your support