Dell Laptop Memory, (HWiNFO Confusion)

Bazza 771

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Hi. I am trying to upgrade My Wife's Laptop Memory, When I run HWiNFO it quotes that it is running with 4Gb of DDR2 PC2-6400 (400 MHz) that is correct, I know that I can upgrade it to 8Gb Max of the same Spec. but I need to know why HWiNFO quotes the following under Motherboard.

DDR2 Frequency Support: 400 MHz (DDR2-800)
DDR3: Supported
DDR3 Frequency Support: 533 MHz (DDR3-1066)

Now I know that I would love to fit the Faster, Better and Far Cheaper Memory, but I don't think that DDR3 Ram will fit into a DDR2 Connector / Slot due to different keys and keyways / slots.

Although HWiNFO (Also the very latest version) does seem to correctly identify the Name and Model Number, is it that there are so many variants that HWiNFO can only generalise on its findings or only comment on the latest variant.

The Full Description of this Laptop is as follows :-
Dell Inspiron 1545
Model PP41L variant 08225
Using a 0G848F Motherboard.

Thank you and Salutations Barry.


Those are capabilities of the memory controller (chipset). But if your mainboard features DDR2 slots only, then you can install only DDR2 modules.