false sensor data in aquasuite with 2 Kraken X63


I have 2 Kraken X63 in my system and use aquasuite for fan control. Of course I want to control with liquid temperatures and it just works fine to see both Kraken correct in hwinfo. In aquasuite I also see both kraken (I changed names in hwinfo to distinguish between them) with correct names, but both show the same temperature (what is definitely wrong and correct shown in hwinfo - one Kraken is called "NZXT Kraken CPU" and one "NZXT Kraken X53", aquasuite uses the sensordata of "NZXT Kraken X53" for both). I used 6.26-4160.
Not sure if its an hwinfo issue or problem of aquasuite? Maybe debug file helps.


  • HWiNFO64.DBG.7z
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