Fan Control for Alienware m15 r7


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I am currently unable to see the fan control option on my Alienware m15 r7. I have seen this thread regarding future fan control support,, but was confused since I also have a Dell XPS 15 9500 (released in 2020) that is able to control the fan, which made me think all Dell/Alienware models should be able to control it. Is my model supported? If not, are there alternatives that would allow me to do so?
DELL/Alienware uses different methods for fan control depending on model. If you don't see a fan control icon it means we don't know how to control fans on that model.
So I noticed the Alienware Client Management Service was disabled and once I started it, I was able to control the fans, but for some reason I am unable to control it again, even though the service is still running. Are there any other services that are required/expected to be running in order for this program to work on Dell/Alienware? I know my device is capable now, I just dont know whats stopping me from controlling it again
I'm not aware of any such requirement, sorry DELL notebooks are quite different from model to model and even BIOS updates can result in different behavior in fan control mechanisms.
yea seems like theres some service that keeps cutting off access to controlling the fan, now i notice that everytime I restart I have fan access, but within 5 minutes, the fan button just goes away