Fan Control X550LN


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I Don't know if Im askig too much but I really want this, Im current trying really hard to get my cooler to work at 100% when im gaming or running a strong aplication, I was able to make it on ubuntu and the diference was really big, the noise was 10 times stronger but it worth a lot, no more overheat. I really want this and im hoping that i find at least a clue of how I can make it, I know better the ubuntu structure but im thinking even on learning the windows structure to making a program to do so(For learning reasons too). Can anybody give me at least clue of how to get the cooler at a 100%, if there is maybe an easy way to mess a litle bit with windows and achieving it, maybe even by the HWiNFO!(It detect the fan speed but cant control it)​
Runing a Windows 10:
Motherboard Model:                                                          ASUS X550LN
Motherboard Chipset:                                                        Intel Lynx Point-LP (Premium)
Video Chipset:                                                                  NVIDIA GeForce GT 840M
CPU Brand Name:                                                             Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz

PS: I just want to do this because my PC is almost all time overheat on windows and its is perfect clean and with a good thermal paste, When running a hard aplication the CPU and GPU throttle its absurdly High, Its just too much power wasted!