fan speed and auto start


Hi all! I'd like to start by saying that this application is very nice, and was the only one that gave me the ability to change the fan speed of my laptop hp envy 17, that helped a great deal in lowering the temps. :)
But i do have 2 questions, first, why is it that when i tick the autostart and restart the computer, the application does't autostart? took care of that by manually adding an entry to the registry in: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] but still..
Secondly, are there any commands to override the fan speed? i mean, to enable the custom profile? because everytime the pc starts, i have to open the application, for it to assume my custom profile, if there was a command, or an option to do that at the start, would be more practical.
So what do you say?

Best regards.
I'm not sure why the Auto Start option didn't work. Have you pressed the OK button after enabling it? You might also verify if the HWiNFO task is properly added into the Windows Task Scheduler.
There's a hidden option to automatically activate fan control after starting HWiNFO. You need to add the following option at the bottom of the HWiNFO INI file:

Hello Martin, thank you for the reply, i've messed with some windows services, set to manual and disabled some too, but the task scheduler is in automatic, so im not sure what can be preventing it from starting.
Never used that method to start applications, always used the registry, but i understand the reason, as i read in other post.

As for the ini code, that's just what i was looking for! thank you!
PS: how do i mark this solved?
You might check if you see the HWiNFO task in Task Scheduler at least. If it's not there, then try to activate it via HWiNFO, if it's there and doesn't work, try to verify the settings.
I'm assuming you're using Windows Vista or later, since on XP a different autostart method is used.
I have marked it solved ;)
Well, i have "Windows Event Log" service disabled, and that is a dependency of "task scheduler", so it doesn't work properly, and hwinfo is not there, task scheduler just says "Reading Data Failed" under the "task status" and "active tasks" tabs.

As i suspected, it's totally on me, and not the application fault.
Now what i would do, if i cared enough to prevent this in the future, would be to check if the required services are in auto or auto(delayed), and if not, give a msgbox stating that service X or Y is disabled and therefore, the app will not start on the logon. Something like that.
I woudn't care anyway, only maybe 1% of users mess around with windows services, and those solve their mess with registry entries like i did. :P
It just occured to me that, the application could check if the user is the admin, and if so, just use the registry.
ahh, there are lots of ways..