Fan speeds not reporting properly(I think)


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System specs:
Windows 10
Ryzen 9 3900X
Aorus Elite 570
RTX 2060
Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240
2 x 120 mm Noctua case fans

I can audibly hear my fans ramping up. I’ve set a fan curve in my bios to ramp up at 50°C for the CPU temp.

However the CPU RPM and CPU temp, along with system 1 and 2 RPM don’t appear to change on HWINFO. I’m not using other monitoring software or fan control software.

My workload is pretty constant. I’m just using Chrome with two windows and a handful of tabs open on each for work related items.
Can you see other values updated in HWiNFO?
Please try some other tool to (e.g. HWMonitor) to verify if you can see those values changing there.
I'll try that out thank you. I went to upload a debug file but it appears to be 7 GB and is too large. Is that file helpful in this situation?
Such file is too large, you could generate a shorter one by running just a couple of seconds.
HWMonitor is showing the same temps and fan speeds as HWiNFO. I can audibly hear the fans speeding up, however the reported RPM is not changing by more than 20 RPM.
My fan curve is set to speed up at 55 deg C and yet both programs are reporting a CPU temp of 45 deg C. Min and max RPMs of 1175 and 1192 RPM respectively.
This is basically a couple seconds. However with HWMonitor showing the same values I would imagine this is not a bug with HWiNFO


  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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