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HI Martin, and all dev's involved!
Ever since expandable sensor groups was added to a sensor panel, I was going to ask:
Can we have an option, may be somewhere in layout settings tab, to enable/disable reporting for the sensors group title?
Two things:
  1. I personally am fine when "Core Clocks" and "Core Effective Clocks" titles report something, but for some groups it's better not to report anything, such as
    "Core VIDs", "Core Temperatures", "Core Powers", all c-state residency groups.
    This also concerns duplicated L3 temp and clock values for the single CCD Ryzen CPUs.
  2. Ideally, the title line could hide when group is expanded, with the indents for the group items kept and expand-collapse control ">" moved one line down, to the first list item.​

Lotsa thanks for probably the most useful utility for Ryzen processors (not only within monitoring tools), in my opinion.
With best regards!
Thanks, I will consider this. Though not sure how other users would like such change or rather think it's confusing.
Oh, yeah, I understand. I mean such option could be inactive by default.
As a temporarily solution I just disabled monitoring for the unwanted group titles. The only downside is alarming red icons.
You can completely hide any item.
Sorry for the late answer, but is it possible to collapse/expand sensor group if its title is hidden?
Here is what my sensor panel currently looks like (the groups are expanded and collapsed resp.):
I.e. there's no way to make group titles not to show anything, aside from disable its monitoring, which put a red circle warning on its left.
Sorry for not being clear enough.
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Idk, how did I managed to finally make it, i mean if "invalid" checkbox was there before in customize tab, but it solved the issue for me by setting unreachable value in a first field.
Thanks, anyway!


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after restart, the group title disappeared as well

PS: Actually there's even no way to get it back unless reset global settings.:confused:
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