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I am using HWiNFO with RTSS in a "Japanese" environment.
RTSS OSD only accepts ASCII characters.
Therefore, I use HWiNFO with the language setting set to "English".

Is it possible to set the language of "sensor item names & units" and "other UI parts" separately?

We know that the sensor side can be rewritten by the user as desired.
However, it is quite time-consuming to manually input them one by one, and I would be happier if I could "set them all in English at once".
I'm sorry, such option is currently not available.
We might however make changes to shared memory interface (used by applications like RTSS to pull data from HWiNFO) so, that the sensor names would be exported in English language only and extend the interface to also export localized names. This would however require active involvement of authors of those applications and modifications on both sides.