FORC3XT (HWiNFO Rainmeter Skin)


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Hello I want share the skin I've been working.
Its based on ForceX skin by Forcex34. Calendar is from LUA Calendar by Smurfier.

I've changed it to do compatible for HWinfo Plugin, so you need to configure the skin *.inc files with corresponding values. It has a lot of useful information and you can hide each skin to the title or to a thin edge.

I have added a lot of comments in the settings files for easy understanding and configuration. All colors an main options are easily configure.

Here you can download: FORC3XT

Some snapshots to show it working....



I have HWInfo64 running, sensors running, shared memory enabled, and 64 bit HWInfo.dll in the plugins directory but still no info in HWiNFO Shared Memory.  Any Ideas?

Please make sure that you have the latest HWiNFO and Rainmeter plug-in versions.