Gpu memory usage in numbers and not percentage


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Hi Martin,

I love your tool and it's months im using it.

My question is: when i select GPU Memory usage in OSD it gives me the percentage. Is it possibile to see that but in regular numbers and not percentage? For example some games tell you when u are editing the video options that you are using for example memory used 3000 mb (invented number)
Which GPU do you have and what OSD do you use? Does HWiNFO provide such a memory usage value?
I am using a GTX 1070 by Asus, HWinfo64 combined to RivaTuner Statistics

In Hwinfo64 OSD menu i enabled the voice called "GPU Memory Usage" and in game it is shown like a percentage. For example 40%. Like this.

I found another voice called " GPU Memory Allocated", what does this voice do?

Also, i'd like to show my system memory (ram ddr4) usage in game, but cant find it on OSD list. Is it called in another way?
HWiNFO exports all sensor data into OSD, so it's up to the OSD client (and user configuring it) which one to picked up.
The "GPU Memory Allocated" entry is what you're looking for.
System Memory usage has 2 different entries:
"Virtual Memory Commited" for virtual memory (physical + swap file)
"Physical Memory Used" for physical (RAM) memory usage