Hard to read the values


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Good day, developers! I've spotted some "inconveniences" with... here and now it's HW64 5.38-3000.
I think it's little bit hard to understand how musch i uploaded/downloaded for now. The question is: why do you use a comma? 
I see the ciphers:
but cannot understand why 125 GB and 119,231 MB (almost 6GB missed, because Hwinfo64 started late after system startup). 116,4365 GB - yes. Maybe 119 231 000 will be easy to understand too, but 119,231 MB - no ((( very hard to accept. 
The same about read/write total numbers for hdd/ssd and RAM memory values. I have 12GB free RAM, but i see the value of 12,559 MB, yes it will be 12 559 MB, but not 12,559 MB

P.S. Yes, i know this is not the SUPERMEGAISSUE, but it make me feels uncomfortable.
You can easily change the thousands separator from comma to anything you wish - just go to the sensor settings (click button at window bottom) ;)