HWinfo huge memory footprint

HWinfo64 takes up a huge memory footprint after it is left running for over 2 weeks (PC not rebooted for over 2 weeks).
Is there a memory leak going on?

Refer to attached image capture taken 2020-05-17.
The version of HWinfo64 is in the image.
If HWinfo is closed and restarted, the memory footprint shrinks dramatically.


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    HWinfo_commit memory3.jpg
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Which HWiNFO windows were open, Sensors too?
If yes, was the "Log all values for Report (consumes memory)" option in sensors enabled?
When I took the snapshot, only the Summary page was opened.
Sensors page was closed.
I just checked, "Log all values for Report (consumes memory)" is enabled.

Let me try to disable "Log all values for Report (consumes memory)" and monitor the usage.
I disabled "Log all values for Report (consumes memory)" and the memory footprint remained the same.


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    HWinfo uncheck2.jpg
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I restarted HWinfo, and the memory footprint shrank (as expected).
Let it run for 2 weeks, then I'll post back my observation.


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    HWinfo restart2.jpg
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OK, waiting for your feedback. No need to run it for that long, 1-2 days should be enough to see a higher memory consumption if there's any issue.
After switching off "Log all values for Report (consumes memory)" and monitoring over a couple of days, good news, the memory footprint no longer grows.

hwinfo memory2c.jpg