HWInfo64 7.12 no longer remembers the window position


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The new version 7.12 of HWInfo64 unfortunately no longer remembers the window position.
I use HWInfo64 (Sensor Status Window) on a separate second monitor. After closing and reopening the program, the window now opens on my main monitor and no longer on the secondary monitor. A downgrade to 7.10 fixed the issue. So it must be a bug of the current version.
It's probably a false positive. See this LINK.

Is idp.alexa.53 a virus or a false positive detection?​

Free versions of Avast, AVG, and Avira do not offer the users an automatic database update, as well as not being able to remove the viruses. Malware is a constantly changing thing, so it is pretty naive to use an antivirus solution with the databases for 2017 in 2021. Heuristic engines have this problem even more expressed. Without the updates, this element may false detect the elements of legit programs or files, claiming that they are suspicious. Such a “protection” is just a colander for possible viruses, but the danger of outdated bases is not over. Antiviruses with old detection databases often detect the legit programs because a security tool thinks it is suspicious of its activity. And idp.alexa.53 is exactly this case.

Source: https://howtofix.guide/idp-alexa-53-virus/
Thank you. I also thought that this would not be true.
I just tried the beta and the window position is now back to the usual position after closing. The fix worked. Thanks a lot! :)