Interface bug


New Member
Hello! There's an interface bug.
By default the program window in the "Sensors only" mode looks like this:

Since I don't like those collapsable sensor categories, I uncheck "Fixed order" and then it doesn't look good with all those empty rows:

To remove those empty rows I press "Restore original order" and then those ugly empty rows are gone, but I cannot use the option "Expand window by adding a new table" anymore because those "new tables" appear empty:

Of course I tried to remove an HWiNFO64.INI file and those registry folders/keys that contained HWiNFO in their names, but it did not help.
When Fixed Order is disabled HWiNFO doesn't automatically place items into new tables (it's intentional), you need to do that manually. Just select the items you wish to move there and pull them over (drag-and-drop).