HWinfo keeps refreshing and destroying the layout.

I only stopped it, it is a bit of configration effort after i remove it. I will look to do it when i have some more time. The app is programmed as "Modern App", i have apps i like more..
Screenshot 2023-03-24 005329.png

Screenshot 2023-03-24 005456.png

This is here just jumping within few seconds between real and nonsense values (1st nonsens 2nd real values)
Monitoring the same time with e.g. Aida shows that the 2nd values (1st column) is correct. The Nuvoton is having correct values, MSI Centre and AIda64 showing it.
No clue how this happens. What is the blue background marking? Like "recent refeshed" ?

Here is no debug-log function i can collect and share with you?
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Aida64 shows actual values and only HJWinfo is jumping, also CPU direct (non Nuvoton) values are not jumping and showing values from 2nd image. I referencing only to 1st Column (actual values) and explaining that it jumpign between both. I will generate a log and share via PM...
I did screenshots from same screen just some seconds time difference so min/max must show nonsense :) Sorry for confusion.
After some testing wit Martin the culprit is found. The Aquasuite Service iss involved in the issues with HWinfo. Stopping the service is stopping the issues.

Runnign "Aqua Computer Serivice"
Stopped "Aqua Computer Serivice"


The vendor of the Aquasuite has been contacted...
to be continued.