HWinfo keeps refreshing and destroying the layout.

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i finally made it here, after 7 extreme annoying & frustrating captcha tries and 5 additional captcha tries because the confirmation mail was not send and a resend was again captcha contaminated.
But ok, im here :).

I'm using the HWinfo Pro applicaiton already for a while and i'm quite satisfied. The problem came when i recently changed to the new Ryzen MSI MEG 670 ACE Mainboard. The HWinfo app is keeping changing its layout, means that it is refreshing and items are being moved to the end, reordered, many empty space is being created. I keeping restoring the layout from .reg, sometimes every few min.
Has anyone an idea how to freeze the layout? For me it looks like a bug. I posted a screenshot below how this is looking like. There empty space/chaos is being created "On the fly".

Thank you in advance and a nice rest of the saturday!

Screenshot 2023-03-18 215710.png
If you changed hardware configuration, the sensor set will be different. Best would be to do a full "Reset Preferences" or "Restore Original Order" in HWiNFO and not try to restore the old sensor configuration.
I have a fresh config (7950X3D & MSI MEG 670 ACE) since a few days, i'm not restoring one from old Mainboard (5950X & ASUS ROG Hero).
I'm always restroring a fresh created .reg. HWinfo just now flacker/refresh like crazy. Something is broken in the app and it is not always the case.

For now i found "fixed layout" workarround but this just a mitigation for the behaviour. Even with fixed layout it is making me a bit nervous as it is keeping reloading/refreshing.
What is triggering such full app refresh (like you would press F5 to refresh a view)

by the way, the "Fixed Layout" has its benefits, it is not bad.
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Probably some misconfiguration in position of items. Try "Restore Original Order" if that will fix the flickering.
I did now, it is refreshign and adding values to the end..
Everyting after the WHEA values has been added just now after the refershes.
There are also "Nonsense" values like negative temperatures.

Screenshot 2023-03-18 224741.png

few min later we are here:

Screenshot 2023-03-18 224741.png

Switchig back to fixed layout as this is just hardly usable.

My "feeling" is that the Nuvoton NCT6687D is refreshign the values, partially with nonsense values.
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Adding items at the end when Fixed order is disabled is explained in the warning shown when you deactivate Fixed order.
Im not sure if i got you. You have asked me to test the "Restore Original Order". So i've did it and i did it with disabled "fixed order". Now I can give you the feedback that this is not fixing the flickering and growing chaos issue. After this test i switched back to "fixed order" as this is for me a working mitigation for the issues until they get resolved.
I see, that Nuvoton NCT6687D keeps rerfeshign with senseless values. From CPU Temp to Fan speeds, nothign is correct for Nuvoton NCT6687D

Screenshot 2023-03-19 171850.png
Are you perhaps running some other monitoring/tweaking tool together with HWiNFO? It could be caused by a conflict between multiple such tools.
To the same extent as before? Are you sure no other services of MSI Center are running and no other monitoring tools either?
Not that i know. It is the same refresh. It also started somewhen the last days, it was not there from beginning with this mainboard. Version is 7,41-5015, i'm accepting the betas comming over auto udpate.
If you want me give youz any log, report, i can prepare but not share via public.
I have Aida64 Extreme but this is not runnign any service, i'm using it only on demand.
Those values look definitely corrupt but it's what HWiNFO reads from the Nuvoton sensor. There are 2 possible reasons why it can happen:
- Another application is accessing those sensors too and it's not synchronized with HWiNFO which causes corruption
- The Nuvoton sensor isn't working properly, but this would be quite rare

You might also try to disable Core isolation or Hyper-V in Windows if that might have an impact.
Sorry, I'm running out of ideas.. It would be best to ensure no other application is running that might be accessing the sensor as this is the most common issue.
I also don't know. After reboot the flasing is less but still there with some crazy values..
Currently there is only one BIOS for this Mainboard and the X3D CPU, so i can't even go this way...At least only the Nuvoton NCT6687D spam such crazy values so i can still use the app.
Have you tried to completely uninstall MSI Center to make sure none of its services are running?