Invalid Intel (G)MCH value


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Just a quick post to report an invalid temperature value.

Intel (G)MCH reports GMCH Temp1 when HWInfo is first launched, all looks good comparing to other temperature sensors.

When high CPU load is put on the laptop and temperatures go way up, a second line appears GMCH Temp2 which shows a temperature to be off or too cold compared to the rest. I'm guessing Temp2 is being filtered out until the temperature rises to a point that is no longer filtered. I don't know what GMCH temperatures are or where they come from, it could be valid .. but I don't think so.

This occurs on my Dell Latitude D830 (same laptop used for previous debug logs if you need to see it) and has been occurring for awhile now with several versions of HWinfo.


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The GMCH temperature values should come straigh from the chipset's (G)MCH thermal sensor(s).
Unfortunately Intel does not provide any further information regarding their validity or rules how to filter out invalid values. Maybe the second GMCH sensor is not properly calibrated by BIOS.
So my only advice currently is to ignore this value (disable or remove from HWiNFO monitoring).